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Global Science, Pharma and Startup Consultant and Writer

AthenaMedica is an experienced global science and medicine consulting and writing business. Our mission is to democratize scientific and medical knowledge and a... Read more

Jacci Newel, MD, MS

I am a medical and scientific consultant and writer with 14 years of experience in clinical medicine, preclinical and translational neuroscience and life scienc... Read more

No Project is Too Big, Small, Outlandish, or Difficult

Wherever you stand in your journey, I am here to provide you with the expertise and knowledge you need to guide you through every stage of a a process, providin... Read more

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Cross-Functional Medical & Scientific Consulting

Cross-Functional Medical & Scientific Consulting
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Andrew W, Forensic Technician

"Dr. Newel is more versatile than she may seem. She has spent a decade in professional medical and scientif...

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4 months ago
Viraj Mahajan, Content Creator

"Empathy' is how I will describe Jacci. I started talking with her for a while now and in this short period...

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4 months ago

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