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Jacci Newel, MD, MS

I am a professional MD medical and scientific consultant and writer with 14 years of experience in clinical medicine, pathology, forensics, preclinical and tran... Read more

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I try to keep things easy for you. Check out my packages on the PACKAGES page. M ore info there. Be sure to visit the REQUEST FORM page 48 hours prior to booking.


Andrew W, Forensic Technician

"Dr. Newel is more versatile than she may seem. She has spent a decade in professional medical and scientific writing, but she can organize information and write anything to specific code, fueled by her passion for writing, creativity, and her love of communicating medicine and science, all while following strict regulations. She took on a challenging project, and pulled it off perfectly. Dr. Newel is a magician!"

Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences 

Viraj Mahajan, Content Creator

"Empathy' is how I will describe Jacci. I started talking with her for a while now and in this short period, I realized how she bore kindness, care, empathy, and support in every step of life. From handling writing to working towards the betterment of the community, Jacci is doing it all. I have seen many intellects here on LinkedIn, but I have only seen Jacci who holds the torch for a better tomorrow with the power of words and empathy."

Collaborator, CJ Digitals 


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    2 months ago
    Dr. Newel is efficient and works well with the lab team and clinical stakeholders to keep the desired deliverable beautiful and well/.writ...
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