Jacci Newel

Jacci Newel

I am a professional medical and scientific consultant and writer with 14 years of experience in clinical medicine, pathology, forensics, preclinical and translational neuroscience and life science research, pharma, medicinal chemistry, natural products, drug development and supplements, law, education, data analytics, patient care and advocacy, and AI. I also do non-sciency an medical-y creative writing and all kinds of copywriting and graphic design. I am known to be talented at political satire doused with a terrible sense of humor. I have a column I write for a company someplace but that is all I will divulge.


This makes me the well-rounded, delightful professional that not only gets the job done right when you need it most, but somebody you might just enjoy working with. My mission is to help people, not drain their money. I gotta eat and pay the bills, but I want to see you excited to receive your project or to see me. Above all, I want to see you succeed.


"People will forget what you do and forget what you say, but they will never forget what you made them feel like."

-loosely paraphrased from the quote often attributed to Maya Angelou