Level Up!

Level Up!

Join the global journey in reshaping the science and medicine landscape. Our passion? Democratizing knowledge for everyone to understand, and that means you, and your clients. Why am I talking like there is more than one of me? Because I am partnered with Science and a proud member of AAS, the American Asssociation for the Advancement of Science, a very great group of scientists that have a scholarly journal, but also do as much as they can to bridge the gap between scientists and the public. I volunteer as an expert and contributor to increase scientific and health literacy!

How might I help you? Glad you asked! Here is a summary, check out the individual packages under the "Packages" tab! 

I am a generalist that can quickly become a specialist to handle a plethora (El Guapo, just how many IS a plethora?) of comprehensive med comms deliverables. From compelling white papers to impactful publications, I can do it all. I also write creatively and can manage your social media campaign. If I am not personally able to fulfill your order, I will let you know ASAP.

I have an arsenal of PhD medical writers that can get what you want, but allow some time for me to match you with the perfect writer. I don't take commission because I don't play like that, I put you into direct contact with the writer and the two of you hash out the payment and deadline details. I am picky, and I will only send you to the best expert in my network that I know.

I also do work in medical and health consulting and patient advocacy. If you are ne eding a partner to figure out the chaos of medicine and healthcare, and what in the actual heck is insurance doing, I am your lady.

Medical Records Reviews: Law Offices, LISTEN UP. A paralegal can't do what I can do. Most doctors can't write a nexus letter correctly. There are docs that use AI to go through and summarize your evidence for your client's case. Do you really want something that hallucinates and lacks the eagle eye of a human with expert experience in noting discrepancies in medical records, with the lens of bodily injury, malpractice, or workers compensation law in mind? I will summarize the history and mark all the places where I see a problem. Now there is service for you.

Startups in healthcare and natural products: Heyooooo! Are you developing a natural supplement but don't know what you're dealing with pharmacologically? Do you want someone to research your blend, check for interactions and other issues, help figure out dosing, write a summary that makes sense, and help you with FDA requirements? I am here for it.

Proofreading, Editing, Copyediting: I went tot Zoolander's School of Kids Who Can't Read Good so clearly I am qualified to do proofreads, peer-review summaries with recommendations, and all manners of editing.


"Don't dream it, be it" -Dr. Frankenfurter