Blog Post, 700-1000 words, with SEO, images and formatting

Blog Post, 700-1000 words, with SEO, images and formatting

Hit the "Book me!" button to book a time to meet with me virtually to talk about your project and timeline. Fill out a request form 48 hours before booking a time to meet with me, found on the Request Form page.

This package includes a free initial 60 minute meeting to discuss your project needs, a 30-minute meeting to show you an outline (or I can send it to you and you can either provide me with face-to-face feedback or written feedback), plus up to three 30-minute status update meetings, if desired, as I finish each post/edit. Each post includes two edits for free, each additional edit is $25.

Payment will be due after the end of the 60- minute free consult, and you can check out with a major credit card, debit card, or PayPal using the price list at the bottom of the "Packages" page. As soon as payment is confirmed, I will be in touch with you about an outline and proposed meeting schedule, and send a contract. Yes, the post will include your expected SEO and keyword witchcraft, but I don't manage blogs, so that part will be up to your webmaster. You may wish to have them edit for SEO. We can discuss your personal preferences when we meet! We can meet less than described and communicate through email if preferred, but the computer screen is open for you if you would like it!


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Experience the difference with AthenaMedica – I have years of clinical medicine and scientific research under my belt with experience in education, clinical trials, natural products chemistry, medical law, and medical records reviews and letters, delivering personalized attention and an unparalleled customer experience. I go beyond understanding your product; I listen, ensuring your brand, voice, and message shine through.

Ready for awesomeness? Contact me today to level up your journey with expertise and understanding that amplifies your vision. Your success story is mine, and we both begin together, now! 

Fill out the request form with as much info as possible before booking a time slot 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE so that I have time to look over your needs and can come up with a game plan. Turnover time will vary by project. Please be prepared with all details to be able to discuss exactly what I can do to help you the best that I can!

 I am not a practicing physician nor lawyer. I am not licensed to practice medicine, write prescriptions, or practice law. I use my years of education, experience, and investigational skills to advise. Talk to your doctor about any sudden changes discussed and your lawyer for specific advice.