Medical Record Reviews and Professional Summaries for Law Offices

Medical Record Reviews and Professional Summaries for Law Offices

Save yourself time and stop dealing with mistakes. Medical record reviews and summaries that you can trust.

Law Offices: $100–$200 per hour for expert medical record review, literature research, and summary. Letters, timelines, and additional supporting documents are available upon request.

What do you get? Save time, save money, and save the headache. Hire a doctor with uncanny investigative abilities and medical knowledge.

We can:

  • Provide assistance with medical record retrieval if needed.
  • Perform an expert, thorough medical records review. We understand medical records and medicine in a way that others who do this job cannot. We can see what others miss and what someone might use against the client.
  • We understand the basic standard of care in most medical specialties regarding medications, surgeries, other treatments, and informed consent. We still research each process thoroughly to find a unanimous consensus.
  • Causation is hard to prove, if you've never done the procedure or surgery, taken care of a patient, or performed an autopsy (this sounds weird; read on to find out why it is relevant). As we have physicians trained in multiple areas, we either know what is supposed to happen or we can quickly look it up and understand. We cannot give legal advice, but we can communicate our findings in the most helpful way.
  • Researching possible causes of injury, exposure to toxic chemicals, etc. if relevant and relating to symptoms.
  • Scientific, medical, and legal research to create a critically analyzed, credible pool of publications and references (hand-picked by a physician-scientist) that can be used by the litigation team as facts. We are not lawyers, we are just familiar with medical law.

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Experience the difference with AthenaMedica – I have years of clinical medicine and scientific research under my belt with experience in education, clinical trials, natural products chemistry, medical law, and medical records reviews and letters, delivering personalized attention and an unparalleled customer experience. I go beyond understanding your product; I listen, ensuring your brand, voice, and message shine through.

Ready for awesomeness? Contact me today to level up your journey with expertise and understanding that amplifies your vision. Your success story is mine, and we both begin together, now! 

Fill out the request form with as much info as possible before booking a time slot 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE so that I have time to look over your needs and can come up with a game plan. Turnover time will vary by project. Please be prepared with all details to be able to discuss exactly what I can do to help you the best that I can!

 I am not a practicing physician nor lawyer. I am not licensed to practice medicine, write prescriptions, or practice law. I use my years of education, experience, and investigational skills to advise. Talk to your doctor about any sudden changes discussed and your lawyer for specific advice.